Dentist in Glasgow

A defence mechanism for people with phobias is to avoid the thing that triggers the fear. Some people are scared of spiders, while others are frightened of heights . Dentophobia, a fear of the dentist, can be caused by a traumatic childhood experience or observed behaviours, i.e. learning from a parent. Dentophobia can put you…

Dentist in Glasgow

Everyone knows that the ticket to optimal oral health includes two dental appointments per year. But why is it so important not to miss these check-ups? Brushing and flossing might fight off most oral diseases, but you need the keen eye of a dentist in Glasgow to detect teeth and gum problems in their early…

Dental Implants in Glasgow

Losing teeth is a traumatic experience for anyone, but a reality that many go through, especially as they get older. Thanks to the introduction of dental implants in Glasgow, people with missing teeth no longer have to sport gaps between their teeth. If you are looking for reputable specialists, our expert implant dentists Joseph Watson…

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