Dental Bridges

Natural Looking. Strong. Long Lasting.

Used to replace missing teeth, a Dental Bridge is made up of Crowns fitted to the teeth either side of a gap (caused by the missing tooth) in order to restore the function and appearance of your smile.

Dental Bridges are strongly advised when you have a missing tooth as a gap in your smile can affect:

  • Your bite – as a result of the teeth leaning into the empty space (caused by your missing tooth) and altering the way in which your lower and upper teeth bite together
  • Your general appearance, oral health and smile
  • The way in which you speak
  • Your confidence when smiling (especially for photographs)
  • The actual shape of your face
  • The probability of you developing gum disease or tooth decay as a result of the accumulated food in the gap

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Smile Transformations with Dental Bridges in Glasgow

Before and After Cosmetic Dental Treatment at Tiwari Watson Dental Care:

Dental Bridges Glasgow

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