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Dental Bridges

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Used to replace missing teeth, a Dental Bridge is made up of Crowns fitted to the teeth either side of a gap (caused by the missing tooth) in order to restore the function and appearance of your smile.

Dental Bridges are strongly advised when you have a missing tooth as a gap in your smile can affect:

  • Your bite – as a result of the teeth leaning into the empty space (caused by your missing tooth) and altering the way in which your lower and upper teeth bite together
  • Your general appearance, oral health and smile
  • The way in which you speak
  • Your confidence when smiling (especially for photographs)
  • The actual shape of your face
  • The probability of you developing gum disease or tooth decay as a result of the accumulated food in the gap
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Smile Transformations with Dental Bridges in Glasgow

Before and After Cosmetic Dental Treatment at Tiwari Watson Dental Care:

Dental Bridges

Our Patient’s Experience with Tiwari Watson Dental Care

I was a new patient to the Tiwari Watson practice a short time ago. I had extensive treatment carried out on my front teeth, new crowns were made for my daughters wedding which was fast approaching at the time. Everyone at... read more


It’s never easy to find a good dentist, but I couldn’t be more grateful to Tiwari Watson Dental Care for all their wonderful work. They have the most competent staff I’ve come across – my dentist Joe and all more


By far the best practice I’ve been too! I was a bit nervous because of past experiences but Laura took the time to calm me down and talk me through everything. After all the waiting, and being past from pillar more


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