Our Charity Work

About Us

Tiwari Watson is a family dental practice, with a strong desire to serve the community through excellent, appropriate, quality dental care for every patient.

We also take our place in the local community seriously, and aim to make a positive impact through our business in the surrounding area and beyond.

We establish partnerships with local causes where we can use our skills, time and funds to make a difference. We partner strategically to maximise our impact.

We make every effort to reduce our environmental impact, recycling, controlling our energy usage, and reducing the use of plastics.

What we do:

  • We donate funds to support an international charity, and a local one. We also make small donations each month to local community groups who need help, and our team decides where these funds go.
  • Our team take part in fundraising and volunteer activities throughout the year.
  • We pro-actively manage our environmental impact closely.

How we outwork our commitments

We work strategically over a 2 year period with each of our chosen charities. By doing so, we can make a more significant difference through partnership.

Tiwari Watson Dental Cares


As a modern family dental practice, we provide excellent, appropriate and quality dental care. Because we also care about people who don’t have access to the most basic, pain relieving and life saving dental treatment, we work with Bridge2Aid.

Bridge2Aid trains rural medical workers in East Africa to provide basic and emergency dentistry. For people living in rural areas, there are no dentists, and so the treatment that Bridge2Aid’s trainees provides can be life saving.

We fund the training of one Clinical Officer each year – enough to provide access to emergency dentistry to 10,000 people. We are one of 11 Gold Unity Partner Dental Practices in the whole of the UK.

Click here to read the Bridge2Aid blog

Local Schools

We also promote good oral health and help young children avoid painful dental problems locally. We release dentist and nurse time to visit local schools in partnership with BrushupUK.

To find out more about the work BrushupUK do, click here >
Tiwari Watson Dental Cares

Our Dentist Raashi visits St Catherines Primary School in Balornock

Tiwari Watson Dental Cares

Our Dentists Gemma and Bili visits St Cuthberts World of World week

Marie Curie

We are committed to our local community, and that’s why we support the work of the Marie Curie Hospice, Balornock Road, Glasgow. We provide funding through organised events and fundraisers throughout the year.

To find out more about the Marie Curie Hospice Glasgow, or to get involved, click here >

Tiwari Watson Dental Cares

Environment & Substainability

From the procurement of products made from recycled materials, to the recycling of anything from paper to coffee pods and tooth brushes, we do whatever is possible to reduce our environmental footprint.

We also look to reduce our energy consumption through a strict power down policy, and restricted use of air conditioning.

You can help us by bringing your used (clean) plastic toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes (squeezed out) for recycling.

Tiwari Watson Dental Cares

Local Small Charities

Because we recognise there are some brilliant small charities doing great work locally, we also provide a small fund each month for local causes. Our Charity and Community Team makes the decision each month on which causes to donate to. Although these are small amounts in comparison to our main charities, we hope they make a big difference.