Losing teeth is a traumatic experience for anyone, but a reality that many go through, especially as they get older.

Thanks to the introduction of dental implants in Glasgow, people with missing teeth no longer have to sport gaps between their teeth.

If you are looking for reputable specialists, our expert implant dentists Joseph Watson and David Chan have the skill and experience to successfully administer this treatment so you can look forward to a beautiful smile and restored self-confidence.

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Is it important to replace missing teeth?

Besides changing your appearance, not replacing your tooth often results in jawbone deterioration. This occurs because the tissue that lies underneath the missing tooth is understimulated.

Over time, as your jawbone deteriorates more and more, your jaw begins to change shape. Your once chiselled jawline takes on a sunken appearance that makes you look older.

On top of the visual defects, chewing becomes an issue, to the point where a soft diet might be recommended to you.

How can dental implants in Glasgow change your life?

By drilling the dental implant into the jawbone, you are replacing the tooth at the root.

This is significant because the implant, which takes the form of a titanium screw, functions like a natural tooth, holding the artificial crown in place once your bone and the metal have successfully integrated.

With your new crown, you can carry on eating the food you did before losing your real teeth, without worrying that they might crack or break your dentures.

A common complaint about tooth replacement alternatives, like dentures and dental bridges, is that they look fake. You might feel embarrassed about their appearance and refuse to smile or laugh without covering your mouth with your hand. By choosing dental implants over dentures, you can reclaim your smile and set aside your worries knowing that your replacement tooth does not only function optimally, but also looks natural.

How does the dental implant fuse with bone?

Our implant dentist takes advantage of osseointegration, a biological process that recognises the properties contained in metal as tissue, and not a foreign object.

As a result, titanium is implemented in several types of surgery across a number of medical fields.

The process is a slow one, taking up to four months to heal properly.

Can anyone get a dental implant in Glasgow?

The time it takes from your first consultation to boasting a new tooth is several months, so if you are looking for a ‘quick fix’ implants might not be suitable for you.

On your first visit with us, we will decide whether you are healthy enough for implants. You will be ruled out for surgery if you do not have enough bone or suffer from gum disease. If you still want dental implants, we can recommend bone grafts to plump up your jawbone, or a deep clean to remove harmful plaque and tartar.

Missing teeth should not mean you restrict your life because you hate the way you look. Get your old life back with dental implants.

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