In an ideal world, when you lose your teeth, you get them replaced with restorations that work just like natural teeth. That is not how it has been for many people who have been using dentures. They can never completely forget that the teeth in their mouths are not their own.

There’s all the extra material they are mounted on for starters. If it’s upper dentures, they cover the roof of the mouth, making it hard to taste things. If it’s on the lower jaw, the tongue can so easily push the dentures out of place. But there is a way to make your dentures behave and that’s with dental implants in Glasgow.

Here at Tiwari Watson Dental Care, our dentists, Dr Joe Watson and Dr David Chan are highly experienced in placing dental implants in Glasgow.

We can offer 2 ways to get your dentures stabilised, either with dentures that remain permanently in the mouth, or with dentures that you continue to remove to clean and soak overnight. The choice is yours.

Why dental implants in Glasgow make such a difference

When you don’t have any roots in your jawbone, the bone cells no longer receive the signals they need from impacts between the upper and lower teeth. These impacts tell the bone cells to renew themselves as the jaws are still in use. When there are no roots, the bone cells start to melt away, and the jaw shrinks and loses density. This is why dentures that once fitted so well start to slide and wobble around in the mouth after a while. People can find they have to go back every year to get their dentures relined as their jawbone melts away.

You can avoid all of this, keeping your jawbone strong and healthy by having your dentures fixed to only a few dental implants. It takes only 4 in the lower jaw and 6 in the upper to keep dentures in place.

And the other good news is that if you choose denture stabilisation, we can insert your implants and fix your dentures to them in one day. There’s no need to go without your teeth.

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