If a stormy night left your roof with a gaping hole in it, would you leave it a while before getting it repaired? Would you be ok with damp and mould taking hold and spreading through the rest of your house, leaving your entire property in disrepair? We didn’t think so. So when it comes to tooth loss, why wait to get it treated? Many do, especially if the missing teeth are hidden away at the back of the mouth. But the fact is, leaving tooth loss untreated invites a whole host of other dental problems to take hold.

That’s why at Tiwari Watson Dental Care we encourage patients who have experienced tooth loss to come to us as soon as possible for treatment with dental implants in Glasgow.

Why choose dental implants?

Dental implants in Glasgow are the most reliable and effective way to treat tooth loss, as our implant dentists Joe Watson and David Chan will attest. They’ve seen the transformative effects of this treatment and they’ve also seen what happens without it.

Life without dental implants in Glasgow

So what happens if you wait before seeking treatment for your tooth loss? Your jawbone deteriorates. Maybe that doesn’t sound so bad. Well, it is. Your jawbone is what secures your teeth in place and provides structure to your face. It knows to stay strong and retain its density due to the many vibrations sent down into it, via the tooth roots, from the clashing together of your teeth all day. Missing tooth roots means no vibrations, which means goodbye healthy jawbone. Within the first year after tooth loss the jawbone can lose up to 25% of its density. This puts neighbouring teeth at risk of damage and loss. Not to mention the cosmetic impact on your facial appearance.

What’s more, dentures and bridges can’t stop this from happening as they only replace the missing crowns of your teeth. Dental implants however replace both the crowns and the roots, protecting your jawbone, your dental health and your appearance.

Don’t wait, act now

Get in touch with us today and avoid the far-reaching consequences of tooth loss by taking the first steps towards treatment with dental implants in Glasgow.

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