At our Tiwari Watson dentist in Glasgow, we understand that choosing the right dental clinic can be hard. Our family run dental clinic was initially founded in 2015, and we have been serving patients with high quality dentistry ever since. We deliver the same level of professionalism to our private patients, and those who are receiving work under the National Health Service. We aim to offer our patients a modern, clean, and welcoming dental environment, as well as staying up to date with modern dental techniques. Our dental approach is gentle, and caring, with a passion for delivering a high standard of dentistry.

Meet our team at our dentist in Glasgow

At our Tiwari Watson Dental Care clinic we employ a wide array of dental professionals. Our clinic is uniquely led by a husband and wife team, all of our members of staff hold a passion for their work, and are highly trained dental professionals. We display a wide skill set, and ensure our patients feel calm and comfortable when receiving their dental treatment. Our skilled team consists of three dentists, one of whom being Dr.Joe Watson who specialises in implantology, as well as two dental therapists. Despite our qualified dentists, we also have an excellent reception team to welcome our patients, our dental nurses for example help assist our dentists during surgery, as well as performing general tasks within the clinic.

Putting a name to the face of our dental clinic

Dr.Laura Grant is just one example of our dedicated dentists, Laura is originally from Northern Ireland, studying at Dundee University, she joined our team after her graduation. Laura has a special interest in treating nervous patients, and delivers a friendly and personal approach to dentistry. In addition to Laura, Dr. Kamal Madhok completed post graduate training at Newport-on-Tay. Kamal works with all forms of dentistry, and offers a calm and comforting approach to nervous patients.

Some of the dental treatments we provide at our dentist in Glasgow

At our clinic in Glasgow we are pleased to boast a wide array of dental treatments. Our clinic offers routine dentistry, such as local dental check-ups; cosmetic dentistry, such as tooth whitening; as well as orthodontics. One example of the orthodontic treatments we provide are clear aligners.

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners, a popular brand provider being ‘Invisalign’, are one example of discreet orthodontics we provide at our clinic. Invisalign are essentially clear plastic trays which are moulded perfectly to the patient’s mouth. Invisalign has grown enormously in popularity within recent years, due to the brace’s near invisible appearance, and the production of effective results.

Are they right for me?

Invisalign can be used for patients who suffer from moderate overcrowding, as well as protrusion of the teeth. Clear aligners are replaced every few weeks, however the treatment time varies greatly depending on the severity of the dental case. Invisalign are just one example of a more subtle form of orthodontics, another example being fixed invisible braces, although Invisalign could be argued as more popular.

Meet our Invisalign Go Provider

Raashi Tiwari is an Invisalign Go Provider, and can deliver our patients a highly professional orthodontic service.

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