Individuals may decide to undergo dental treatments with our dental clinic for a wide array of reasons, one of which being our compassionate team. Our team at Tiwari Watson consists of a large number of highly skilled dental healthcare professionals, some of whom specialise in certain dental areas (such as Joe Watson who specialises in nervous patients). One of our other healthcare professionals who specialises in anxiety and sedation is Raashi Tiwari who is also an accredited ‘Invisalign Go’ provider. Raashi graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2011, and is fully trained in traditional fixed braces too. Our team consists of a mixture of nurses, dentists, as well as our receptionist and practice manager.

Individuals visit the dentist for a wide array of reasons. Individuals who visit our dentist in Glasgow may require a six monthly appointment (which is also commonly referred to as a check-up). We offer routine dentistry at our dentist in Glasgow which can ensure that the whole family maintains their dental hygiene. Patients who visit their local dental clinic regularly have a better chance of avoiding fillings, extractions, or other dental concerns.

What are some examples of routine dentistry?

Routine dentistry can come in many forms, some obvious examples of general dentistry consists of dental hygiene appointments, or X-rays.

Do you offer a wide variety of dental treatments?

Yes, we offer cosmetic dentistry, such as teeth whitening (which has risen dramatically in popularity in recent years) as well as general family dentistry (such as routine X-rays).

Some examples of preventive dentistry we offer are dental implants, which can be used for single or multiple tooth loss.

How do I request a dental appointment with you?

If you wish to schedule a dental appointment with us you can call us directly via our website.  If you would rather use a non direct contact route, you can also fill out an online appointment request form.

What if I feel nervous about visiting my local dental clinic?

At our clinic, we are unique in the way that we have dental healthcare professionals who specialise in nervous patients, as well as nerve sedation. Individuals may feel nervous about visiting their local dental clinic for a wide variety of reasons, one of which may be an irrational fear (also commonly referred to as a phobia). Phobias may develop due to a negative childhood experience, and lead to individuals missing their regular dental appointments.

Do I have to pay for my dental treatment upfront?

No! We fully understand that every individual has a different financial situation, which is why we aim to make every patient able to afford our dental treatments. Patients are able to pay for their dental treatment monthly, and choose the time period they pay it over. We know how important it is to access flexibility when it comes to finance, which is why we offer our patients a finance calculator on our website.

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