Many individuals may not realise the importance of attending their regular dental health check-up, we recommend patients come to see us twice a year. At our dentist In Glasgow Tiwari Watson Dental Care, we ensure our patients can book appointments directly via our telephone number located on our website.

It is important for patients to visit our Tiwari Watson Dental practice twice a year in order to prevent the development of oral diseases, such as gum disease, for example. Patients may experience sensitivity or discomfort in certain areas of the mouth, which can be investigated and resolved during their dental check-up. Cavities are an extremely common dental concern that many of our patients may experience, which is why we aim to locate these during our dental checks. Regular dental check-ups are important to avoid the development of further oral diseases and concerns, which if left can lead to more costly dental treatments.

What can patients expect from their local dental check-up at our dentist In Glasgow?

Many patients may feel nervous about visiting our clinic for their local dental health care, which is why we aim to make our anxious patients as comfortable as possible. Many patients may not know what to expect from their dental visit, which is why we try to ensure they are aware of the common practices within a dental appointment.

During their regular dental check-up, patients can expect to undergo an overall examination of the mouth. An overall assessment of the oral area may also include the gums, as well as an X-ray of the mouth (if advised). Cancer screenings may be undergone during a dental check-up, as well as tracking of each individual tooth for cavities or decay. During a patient’s visit with us, we may ask them if they are experiencing any areas of hypersensitivity, or even discomfort, which we can then investigate further.

Why may certain patients be reluctant to visit their local dentist In Glasgow?

Many individuals may be reluctant to attend their regular dental check-up with us as they may not realise the importance of attending their biannual dental appointments, and the fact it prevents the development of oral diseases which can be stopped in their tracks by these visits.

In terms of location, individuals may be reluctant to travel to undergo a regular dental check-up, if they are not fortunate enough to live near a dentist.

Patients who are suffering from an irrational fear of the dentist (also commonly referred to as a dental phobia) may not wish to visit their local dentist due to the levels of anxiety they may experience. Financial concerns are another common reason for missing dental check-ups. Individuals who may not receive dental care through the National Health Service may not wish to pay for dental care unless they have a problem emerging.

In terms of patients with busy schedules, individuals who have hectic work and social lives may not have time to attend day time appointments, however we offer our patients flexible appointment times. At our practice we boast an impressive team of dental care professionals, including our dentists Kamal Madhok and Laura Grant, who are passionate about delivering high quality dental care.

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