At our dentist in Glasgow we believe we offer a unique dental care approach, due to our family run dental clinic. At our Tiwari Watson Dental Care practice (also previously known and therefore referred to as Springfield Dental Clinic) we are a family run practice, consisting of a husband and wife team,  Dr.Joe Watson, and Dr.Raashi Tiwari. Our clinic consists of a wide array of dental healthcare professionals, all of whom are passionate about the delivery of dental treatments they provide.

We pride ourselves in delivering high quality treatments, as well as providing our patients with educational and honest dental advice. The Tiwari Watson practice has received several dentistry awards, and is also shortlisted for a wide array of additional dentistry awards. We understand that not all of our patients may be able to afford private dentistry, which is why we also offer them the chance to receive dental treatments under the National Health Service. Our clinic has received awards specialising in dealing with nervous patients, this is due to our relaxed, modern, and professional environment we provide our patients. At our dental practice within Glasgow we consist of a highly specialised team, including our two dentists Kamal Madhok and Laura Grant.

What treatments do you offer as a dentist in Glasgow?

At our clinic we offer our patients a wide array of forms of dentistry. General or ‘routine’ dentistry could be argued as our most popular, and combines a large selection of simple dental procedures and treatments. Our routine dentistry consists of the maintenance of oral health, as well as locating cavities, and administering X-rays. Cosmetic dentistry is another field we provide and includes tooth whitening, veneers, and ceramic crowns (to name a few). Aside from general and cosmetic dentistry, we also offer our patients a selection of orthodontic treatments, such as braces. One example of restorative dentistry we provide are dental implants, which consist of stabilising titanium screws attached to a porcelain crown. Dental implants are a great way to stabilise dentures, and can last a very long time when taken care of correctly.

Do you offer more discreet braces with your dentist in Glasgow?

Yes! At our practice we understand that some patients may shy away from traditional metal braces (due to their obvious appearance) which is why we strive to offer our patients alternatives. Invisalign are the provider of the clear aligners we use at our dental clinic, and could be argued as the most popular. At our clinic we are lucky enough to have an accredited Invisalign go provider as a member of our team, Raashi Tiwari specialises in working with clear aligners, and is a valued member of our team in Glasgow.

Our fees

At Tiwari Watson Dental Care we are unique in the way that we offer our patients both private dentistry, as well as dental healthcare under the National Health Service. We understand that patients may not wish to pay for their dental treatment immediately, which is why we offer a finance payment plan.

What is a finance plan?

A finance plan is essentially an alternative way to pay for your dental treatments, without having to pay a hefty upfront cost. At our clinic, we aim to customise our finance payment plans around our patients, which is why we offer plans with a time span ranging from three to twelve months.

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