Our clinic in Scotland is a family run dental clinic, with a desire to deliver high quality dentistry. Our clinic was founded in 2015 by Joe and Raashi Tiwari, both of whom have a passion for delivering excellent patient care, and administering high quality treatments. Our clinic strives to adopt a caring and gentle dental approach, whilst offering sound medical advice. We are proud to say we have won multiple dentistry awards, and offer our patients both private dentistry, as well as dental treatments under the National Health Service. At our clinic, we aim to promote diversity, which is why some members of our team are multilingual, including speaking Chinese (specifically mandarin). In addition to diversity, we also aim to keep up with modern, technological dental advances, ensuring our patients receive the highest standard of treatment.

The treatment process to expect when receiving your dental implants in Glasgow

Dental implants in Glasgow essentially consist of three aspects. The base of the dental implant is inserted first, although a healing time may have to be allowed, roughly around three to six months. Secondly, the connector (also commonly referred to as an abutment) links the titanium screw base with the porcelain crown. The last step is attaching the porcelain crown, which is matched perfectly to the surrounding natural teeth, in terms of shade, and shape.

Who can administer your dental implants in Glasgow?

At our clinic, we boast a wide array of dental health care professionals, each of whom deliver a high standard of dental, and restorative treatments. One of our dentists is Dr.Joe Watson. Dr.Watson has undergone further academic study in implantology, and has therefore a great deal of experience in administering dental implants. Another member of our dental team is Dr.David Chan. Dr.Chan has a special professional interest in dental implants, and has also undergone further medical study relating to this field of dentistry.

How much do dental implants in Glasgow cost at your Tiwari Watson Dental Care clinic?

Much like any dental treatment, the cost varies greatly depending on the complexity of the individual case. Dental implants are not only used for the replacement of one (or several) teeth, but can also be used for denture stabilisation. At our clinic in Glasgow we aim to ensure all of our patients have a full price guide, and are always aware of how much they are paying for their dental treatment.

Am I eligible for dentistry under the National Health Service?

Some of our patients may not wish to receive dental services privately, which is why we also offer dentistry under the NHS. If you are under eighteen years old, in full time education, receive financial benefits, or are experiencing pregnancy, then you may be eligible. Patients receiving NHS dental care with us will still receive our high level of dental care, although they may not be eligible for certain dentistry. Some forms of dentistry that may be considered as ‘cosmetic’ are not available on the NHS. Tooth whitening, veneers, dental implants, and other forms of cosmetic dentistry are not available on the NHS.

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