Losing a tooth is a very real fear and traumatic experience for all of us to go through. The thought of walking through life missing one tooth or an entire set, being the victim of other people’s judgement and facing rapidly deteriorating dental health, is enough to cause extreme anxiety.

What people do not realise is that although life-changing in many ways, missing teeth are a common problem, especially amongst the elderly. At the same time, you can regain your old lifestyle with the help of modern dentistry and tooth restoration procedures.

Our implant dentists, Joseph Watson and Daniel Chan are there to ‘fill the gap’, so to speak.

If you are in a position that has left you toothless, come to us for a free consultation to discuss your needs and to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for dental implants.

Why dental implants in Glasgow?

People know about dentures and bridges; they have been around much longer. So why when there is so much evidence pointing to their effectiveness, would you consider alternative options, like dental implants, that are more recent innovations and more expensive to boot?

Dental implants offer specific benefits and freedoms to its user that dentures and bridges just cannot. Implants might complement your lifestyle needs if you are looking for artificial teeth that do not restrict you at all.

One consequence of losing your teeth is the lack of stimulation of both the tissue underneath and surrounding bone. This would normally occur when a tooth presses down on them while eating, chewing and speaking. While dentures might cover a gummy mouth, they do little to exercise the tissue and bone, which results in the inevitable resorption because they are not being used.

People come to us after years of wearing dentures without hassle, because their device stops fitting comfortably in their mouth due to the effects of resorption. In these cases, if there is enough bone to work with, we might recommend dental implants. Dental implants will not only recover your smile but also revive lost bone and encourage growth.

What are the benefits of dental implants in Glasgow?

The benefits of dental implants are endless, but their primary purpose is to improve your quality of life physically, emotionally and psychologically. In short, your quality of life will improve tenfold.

With the implant replaced at the root and integrated with your mouth, you can enjoy the perks of a tooth that works like a natural one. You will not have to pay attention to what you eat, or avoid certain foods for fear that it might crack or break your artificial tooth.

Does the NHS cover dental implants?

Only if it is proven to be a medically necessary procedure will it be covered by the NHS and if so you visit a dentist that is listed on the NHS directory.

That said, most dental practices, like us, will not leave you with a bill that leaves you gasping for breath. Chat to us about what your expectations are financially, and we can devise a more affordable monthly payment arrangement.

Make your way to a new beginning with dental implants in Glasgow.

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