Many patients (especially those who suffer from dental anxiety) may feel more comfortable knowing what to expect from a visit to our Tiwari Watson Dental Care clinic. Every six months patients should receive an overall assessment of the oral area at our dentist in Glasgow including a general inspection of the gums, and cheeks. Patients who are suffering from a toothache, or a damaged tooth may ask one of our dentists to inspect this area first, and possibly prescribe medications or other solutions. In general terms, our dentists may enquire about your general health, and whether your medications have changed since your last visit to our clinic. Lifestyle factors can also affect your teeth, our dentists may wish to discuss smoking or drinking habits to distinguish the origins of tooth staining, as well as the possibility of mouth cancer.

Dental treatments to expect during a routine check-up at our dentist in Glasgow

Inspections of each individual tooth may be undergone to ensure the health of each tooth and check for signs of decay or cavities. X-rays are also a key part of routine dentistry, and can be used to prevent the development of oral diseases, including oral cancer. X-rays can detect dental decay, jawbone damage, cysts, and abscesses. X-rays are not only suitable for adults, but also for children, in order to detect the growth of adult teeth. A scale and polish is another example of a dental treatment that may be suggested during a check-up.

Why may I need a scale and polish at your dentist in Glasgow?

A scale and polish is a dental treatment that may be required for patients who suffer from a build-up of plaque and tartar on the surface of the teeth. Despite patients maintaining a good dental hygiene routine, tartar can unfortunately still build up. A scale and polish is the removal of tartar from the teeth, and could be considered as a rigorous cleaning treatment. Despite common misconception, a scale and polish is a quick and simple dental treatment, and can be completed within a ten minute session. It is suggested by our dental team that patients receive a dental check-up every six months, missing these regular dental appointments can unfortunately lead to the advance of more severe dental concerns.

The importance of a regular dental appointment

Many individuals may miss their scheduled dental appointment for many reasons, such as financial circumstances, dental fear, and inconvenience (for example a busy work or social schedule). Our team understands that our patients can have hectic diaries, however missing an appointment can cause further dental issues. Cavities can occur which may require fillings, if these are left untreated, dental pain and bacteria build-up can develop. Gum disease is just one example of an oral disease which can develop due to a build-up of dental bacteria. Many patients may be suffering from gum disease but be unaware of the fact. A few common symptoms of gum disease include bleeding of the gums, tooth loss, bad breath, and sensitive or red swollen gums.

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