Dental implants can be used for the single loss of a tooth, as well as several, or even whole rows of teeth within a patient’s mouth.

Dental implants are essentially a form of restorative dentistry that aims to replace the lost tooth within the patient’s mouth. Dental implants in Glasgow incorporate three components, one of which is the base. The base of the dental implant is the replica of the tooth root, and is implanted within the jaw or skull of the patient’s mouth. The abutment (also commonly referred to as the ‘connector’) essentially connects the base of the implant, the small titanium screw, as well as the porcelain crown together. The porcelain crown could be argued as the most important third part of the dental implant, as this is the part which aims to mimic the natural tooth crown. The porcelain crown is unique in the way that it is created individually for each patient, by matching the shade and shape of the crown to the surrounding natural teeth.

Individuals may choose to undergo their dental implant treatment with our Tiwari Watson Dental Care clinic in Glasgow for a wide array of reasons, one of which being our committed dental team. One example of a highly qualified professional member of our dental healthcare team is Joseph Watson. At our dental clinic, we ensure that the individuals who administer the dental implants in Glasgow all have an eye for detail, as well as care and passion for the art of dentistry. Dr Joe Watson (who is originally from Belfast) graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2011, and then went on in further education to specialise in nervous patients.

One other example of our excellent team in Glasgow, is a dental healthcare professional named David Chan. David Chan is a unique contribution to our team, as he specialises in dental implants. David also graduated from the University of Glasgow, and owned his own dental practice for twenty years, he has therefore gained expertise in administering a high number of dental sedations.

Laura Grant is another great member of our team, Laura is originally from Northern Ireland, and graduated from the University of Dundee. Laura is an excellent addition to our team, as she takes an extremely friendly and compassionate approach, and is fantastic at treating patients who feel nervous undergoing dental treatments.

Dr.Kamal Madhok is one of our dentists who also graduated from the University of Dundee.  Kamal joined our team in 2019 and enjoys completing all forms of general dentistry, as well as treating nervous patients.

What if I feel nervous about visiting Tiwari Watson Dental Care in Glasgow?

Many individuals may feel nervous about visiting their local dental clinic for a number of reasons, one of which may be an irrational fear of the dentist (also commonly referred to as dentophobia). Phobias may arise due to a negative dental experience, certain members of our team specialise in dealing with nervous patients, so they can make you feel at ease while undergoing your dental treatment..

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