Dental implants in Glasgow are a form of restorative dentistry that aims to replace or restore the tooth’s root, and crown. Individuals who may decide to have dental implants may be missing one or even several teeth within the mouth. Dental implants consist of three aspects, one of which being the implant base. The base of the dental implant is essentially a small titanium screw which is inserted within the jaw of the patient’s mouth. The base of the dental implant may be inserted only when the hole within the mouth is fully healed. The base of the dental implant could be argued to be one of the most important aspects of the treatment, due to its stabilising role within the implant. The effect that missing teeth can have within the mouth (facial disfigurement) can be resolved by the stabilising effects of the implant process.

The second aspect of the dental implant is the connector (also commonly referred to as the abutment) which is also very important, due to the fact that it links both the base and the porcelain crown together.

The porcelain crown is unique because it is made individually for each patent, and is custom matched in terms of the shade and shape of the crowns.

Why may patients choose to visit us to undergo their dental implants in Glasgow?

Patients may choose us as their dental implant provider if they wish to receive a highly professional, and comfortable dental treatment. Individuals may decide to have dental implants at our clinic, Tiwari Watson dental care, as they may wish to be treated by dental professionals who specialise in fitting dental implants. At our Tiwari Watson Dental Care, within Glasgow we have two dental healthcare professionals who are highly-skilled in treating patients with dental implants.

Dr Joe Watson has a dental qualification within Implantology, as well as being a registered dentist. Another member of our dental team is Dr. David Chan who also has a qualification within Implantology, as well as having a passion for the field of dentistry.

Why may I be advised to have dental implants in Glasgow?

Individuals may lose one or even several teeth within the mouth through a wide array of reasons. Patients may lose teeth due to oral diseases and other health concerns (such as gum disease). Patients may also lose teeth due to incidents (such as knocking the teeth, through incident). Dental implants may be advised as a long term option, as they can last a lifetime, provided that good aftercare is adhered to. Many individuals may believe that dental implants have a vigorous after care regime, however this is not the case. Dental implants may only require the same dental hygiene routine as natural teeth within the mouth. These implants can also be recommended to individuals who have dentures, and may wish for further stabilisation of the dentures within the mouth.

If you think that having dental implants may be a treatment that you could consider, then make sure to contact us at Tiwari Watson Dental Care to ensure that you have all your questions answered. We will be happy to help you in getting the smile that you want!

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