Ancient civilisations have been making attempts at tooth restorations for centuries, but it was not until 1965 where the first modern dental implant surgery was successfully attempted with groundbreaking results. Since then, people have been opting for dental implants over alternative methods when it comes to having their missing teeth replaced.

David Watson and David Chan are our dental implant experts at Tiwari Watson Dental Care. They come with a wealth of knowledge and experience between them and want to help you restore your smile and improve your quality of life.

Why has there been a rise in popularity in dental implants in Glasgow?

We have long since passed the days of having to live with a missing tooth – the existence of bridges and dentures have made sure of that.

But what do dental implants provide that other methods do not? People who have experienced dentures in the past complain that they look false, and due to their removable nature, dentures tend to get loose and dislodge at the most inopportune moments.

Implants, on the other hand, are a permanent fixture in your mouth, making them a natural looking and more effective means of replacing one or many teeth.

How do implants work exactly?

The success of implants is mostly the result of your biology. A screw made from titanium is drilled into your jaw bone in a simple procedure. Your body sees the screw as tissue and fuses this ‘tissue’ into the jaw in a process called osseointegration. Osseointegration will take a couple of months to complete, and it is during that time that we take dental impressions to produce an artificial tooth fashioned in colour, shape and size to match your natural ones.

Once ready, we will place an abutment over your implant, this is the connector piece that links your crown to the implant.

What benefits can I look forward to in the long run?

Essentially, we replace your missing tooth at the root. What this means is that once osseointegration takes place and the foreign object forms part of your mouth, it works identically to and closely resembles, your neighbouring teeth so much so that you will forget that it is even there.

Looking forward to socialising more without feeling self-conscious about your teeth?  Eat what you want without worrying about your new tooth – it is made from durable material, so it will not easily crack or break.

Apart from boosting your confidence and improving your life, having an implant has other surprising and vital health benefits.

People who have worn dentures for a long time will experience significant bone loss, giving the wearer a ‘sunken’ look that changes their facial structure and makes them look older than they are. The reason why this occurs is that your missing teeth are not replaced at the root, and the absence of pressure being placed on your jaw through chewing, eating and talking, means the bone is under-exercised and as a result, becomes weak, brittle and breaks. Having dental implants will not only prevent this from happening but will help to stimulate growth in the jaw.

If you are serious about getting dental implants in Glasgow, come and have a chat with one of our specialists today. The first consultation is free. There is also a three-year warranty if you are not happy with the result – so come back to us at any time to have it fixed.

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