Many people are unhappy with their smile, so don’t worry you’re not alone. At Tiwari Watson Dental Care, we understand how important your smile is to you. We meet individuals on a daily basis who are embarrassed about their teeth… or frustrated with the appearance of your black amalgam fillings in the back of your mouth.

As a dental practice in Glasgow that is focused on helping our patients look after and make the most of their smiles through routine dentistry and a wide choice of cosmetic dental treatments of the highest standard, at  Tiwari Watson Dental Care we’re here to help.

White Fillings with our Dentists in Glasgow

White or tooth coloured fillings provide a healthier, more natural alternative to traditional silver amalgam fillings and can be used in the front or the back of the mouth. They are the natural-looking way to restore strength and function to damaged teeth.

At Tiwari Watson Dental Care our white fillings are available in a wide range of shades and opacities. This means our team of highly experienced dentists are able to build up white fillings through a complex ‘layering technique’ to create perfect, yet invisible, restorations that blend into the rest of your smile.

White Fillings Treatment - before and after images in Glasgow

Mark’s Story:

“I booked an appointment with Joe to get my tooth fixed after I broke the whole thing eating a sweet! I’ve had silver fillings before but never liked the look of them as I’ve noticed them in a few pictures when I’m laughing. I therefore asked for a white one to be put in. Couldn’t feel a thing… and even even watched a film on the video goggles whilst I was getting it done. Looks and feels great. Thank you!”

Start your Journey to a New Smile with us…

At Tiwari Watson Dental Care we offer our patients (whether an existing patient or a new patient) a Free Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation. This will provide you with the opportunity (and plenty of time) to discuss the concerns you have with your smile and aspirations for your new smile, so that we can help you find the right treatment option for you.

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