Going to the dentist is pretty normal for most of us, we get up, get dressed, go in, have our teeth checked out or undergo a procedure, then we go back home. It’s routine, ordinary and nothing too stressful. But, for a lot of people this ordinary sounding excursion outside can be a nightmare of nerves waiting to strike.

So with that important fact in mind, here are a few things we recommend you try out to keep yourself calm ahead of your visit to your dentist in Glasgow.

Listen to music

Having a few familiar tracks thumping away in your ears is a fantastic way to distract yourself from the sound of drills and the normal goings on of the practice when you visit your dentist in Glasgow. That familiar beat or chorus chiming away can be a great way to create a calm island of focus amongst a torrential sea of anxiety in your brain.

Although, if you plan on popping on some tunes you should try sticking to something calm like jazz or a few classics to keep your heart rate down. Try to stay away from bass filled techno or screeching heavy metal, as their fast tempos will just get that adrenalin going again in no time at all!

Talk to our team

Another tip we have that’s perhaps one of the most important things you can do if you start to feel nervous, is to talk to our team. Take a few minutes before your treatment or your check-up to introduce yourself, have a friendly chat and just calm yourself down for a few moments. Opening up a line of dialogue is also a great way to bring in methods to let your dentist know that you need to take a break.

If speaking out loud is something you feel you can’t manage, then a simple handwave will also do. We’re happy to go at your pace, so just let us know if things get too much.

At Tiwari Watson Dental Care our highly skilled staff will provide you with a calm and professional environment for your treatments or a first time visit. Whether it’s a dental check-up with Kamal Madhok or a dental appointment with Laura Grant, all our team will want to help put you at your ease.

Use calming breathing techniques

Finally, one last piece of advice we have for our patients who may be feeling a little nervous ahead of their appointment is to try some calming breathing techniques. There are plenty of options out there, but the standard slow breaths in through the nose and back out through the mouth are a good place to start. Doing this for a few minutes will introduce more oxygen into your system, which will help break down the adrenalin that’s coursing around your body making you feel anxious.

These are a few good places to start if you’re looking for ways to beat any nerves. Being anxious about a visit to the dentist is completely normal, but our team are always here to help and will welcome you with open arms. So just let us know if ever you start to feel stressed, as we’re here to make the experience of all our patients as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

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