While maintaining oral health should always take precedence, more people are focussed on the ways to fix their smile and teeth with procedures that aim to enhance one’s facial appearance.

A smile says a lot about a person. By baring your toothy grin for the world to see, people who meet you for the first time might view you as an open and friendly person, someone they want to get to know better whether it be personally, professionally or romantically.

Is your smile, or lack thereof, holding you back? Our dental practice, Tiwari Watson Dental Care offer a plethora of treatments to cure and correct a wide range of problems, but dental implants and Invisalign are two of our most popular and far-reaching in terms of improving one’s quality of life.

Straighten your smile with Dr Tiwari

We don’t know about you, but our dream smile features perfectly straight teeth.

That said, metal braces are usually not the most desirable straightening device, which is why we, a dentist in Glasgow,recommend Invisalign to our customers who have crooked teeth and a shy disposition.

You are in good hands with Dr Raashi Tiwari in this relatively new field of orthodontics – she is an accredited ‘Invisalign Go Provider’ who will provide you with the best possible service, accompanied by modern technology.

You might have heard about ‘Invisalign’ before, which is a buzzword among adults and young teens who are researching categories of orthodontic devices.

Invisalign comprises of multiple aligner trays that are changed every one to two weeks. Each pair are differently shaped to the last, the intention of them is to adjust the position of teeth slightly. Unlike conventional braces that straighten all of your teeth in your mouth at once, these aligners put pressure on a couple of teeth at a time, moving them, gradually, into their desired position.

Due to their clear and colourless appearance, you can wear them to work, college or school and no one will notice. Other benefits include not having to revolve life around your braces, carry on enjoying the same activities as before and eating the same food you did pre-Invisalign days.

As for cleaning, remember to brush your teeth after eating. Failure to do so results in food accumulating in your aligner, that not only makes it dirty but is also a health hazard, as plaque containing harmful bacteria builds up.

Dental implants – the best and most reliable tooth replacement solution

Have you lost a tooth by accident or as a result of neglect? Thanks to modern dentistry, you will not have to live with a gap between your teeth, you have choices available to you.

If you wish to maintain your old lifestyle without hassle or complications, we recommend that you seriously consider dental implants.

The idea of having metal drilled into your jawbone is understandably daunting and might sound painful, but under the professional care of Joseph Watson and David Chan, your nerves will be soothed, and your expectations surpassed with their expertise and compassion as dentists in Glasgow.

What is different about dental implants, though? The implant acts as the root of your tooth, a role which is no different to the root of a natural tooth. As metal and tooth integrate and become one, you can eat, chew and talk without facing difficulties.

Changing your outlook on life can be as simple as changing your appearance. Reclaim your life and smile back at the dentist in Glasgow.

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