Nowadays, it seems that the dental world is divided into 2 camps. You can either have an NHS dentist or you can have a private one, but never the twain shall meet, as they say.

Not so here at Tiwari Watson Dental Care, where we always have a warm welcome for new patients and offer them the full range of NHS treatments. But we also provide high quality private treatment. This means that you can get the best of both dental worlds at this dentist in Glasgow. You can register as an NHS patient but also have access to treatments that are not funded by the National Health Service without having to seek them out elsewhere.

Teeth straightening

This is a great example. Getting braces on the NHS is pretty hard. There are only limited funds for the entire UK and so patients need to have complex issues that affect how they eat or speak or give them pain. Even if they qualify, it is often the case that there are long waiting lists for treatment.

Many parents opt to go private for braces for their children. And many adults are wanting to get straighter teeth, even though their wonky teeth don’t interfere with their speech or eating.

Here at your dentist in Glasgow, we offer a great range of cosmetic braces under our private dentistry banner. Invisalign is hugely popular because the straightening is done with clear aligners that can’t be seen once they are on over the teeth. Raashi Tiwari is our accredited Invisalign Go provider.

Dental implants

Another popular and effective treatment that is not available on the NHS is dental implants. This is a way to replace lost teeth that gives superior stability. Dental implants are very long-lasting and allow people complete freedom when it comes to eating and talking. Our implant dentists are Joseph Watson and David Chan.

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If you are looking for a new dentist in Glasgow who can offer both NHS and private treatment, look no further. Come on in and register for free and let’s get talking about your dental needs.

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