It is important that you find the right dentist for your loved ones to help them during their most important life stages. When it comes to children, it is essential to teach them good habits that stay with them into adulthood, to ensure healthy teeth and a germ-free mouth and show them that the dentist is not someone to fear. As you get older and your teeth start to deteriorate more rapidly, finding a dentist in Glasgow whom you can trust will make for a more pleasant experience when you are at your most vulnerable.

We are Tiwari Watson Dental Care, a multi-award-winning family dentist in Glasgow who cater for all types of patients. We offer you personalised services with a smile!

Four characteristics of a dentist in Glasgow

Our biggest claim to success is that we genuinely care about our patients, and understand their concerns and apprehensions. Having a stranger examine your mouth is an invasive ordeal for some, but a necessary sacrifice on your part.

Our compassionate dentists, Dr. Joseph Watson and Dr Raashi Tiwari, strive to make your experience with us as pleasurable and painless as possible, and it goes without saying, free of judgement.

If you are looking for a dentist in a different area to us, these are the qualities you should be looking out for:

  • Enthusiasm

Sure, dentists examine thousands of mouths during their careers, but that should not mean their enthusiasm should wane over time. Whether it is administering a routine oral examination or performing a root canal surgery, a dentist must be passionate. If your dentist is seemingly disinterested in your issues, it is high time that you find another dental professional who can take better care of your needs.

  • Devoted to detail and meticulous

A sloppy dentist that takes shortcuts spells disaster. The mouth is a small space to operate in, so we recommend that you find a high calibre dentist who possesses plenty of experience, skill and is extremely devoted to detail.

Locating an attentive dentist is key because what you can look forward to is superior dental care for the long haul, without facing major risks as the result of human error.

  • Compassion and a bedside manner that is second-to-none

Your dentist might know what he or she is doing, but is there evidence that he or she cares about how you feel and what you are going through?

For too long, the stereotype of the dentist is that these medical professionals are cold, clinical and inflict pain with little remorse, which is where a lot of people’s trepidation of the dentist comes from.

You will receive the best possible care with us; we understand that reclining in that dental chair might invoke feelings of anxiety, nervousness or outright terror. We are patient and will offer you support if you need it. Sedation is a possibility for those who cannot undergo treatment otherwise.

  • Trustworthiness

A dental practitioner who is known to the community as reliable, competent and who does not recommend treatments unless it is proven absolutely necessary, is only after your best interests, and not your money.

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