Here for all ages

At Tiwari Watson Dental Care, we believe that the best form of any dental treatment is the prevention of any treatment being necessary. By educating our clients from a young age on the importance of quality dental hygiene and techniques, we aim to help them help themselves, by not developing bad dental habits. Our professional advice will help to support our patients, so that they do not neglect their teeth, as this can manifest into more serious underlying issues. As such, we are proud supporters of the ‘Childsmile’ prevention dentistry scheme in Glasgow, which was established to educate youngsters on quality dental care techniques and tips, and thus minimise their need for dental treatments later in life.

Our vision

Located in the once ‘Springfield Dental Centre’, our service has been operated by chief dental practitioners and married couple, Dr Joe Watson and Dr Raashi Tiwari, since they took the reins in 2015. During the time since they took over the practice, the couple have been working tirelessly to put into effect their clear vision for what they want your dentist in Glasgow to be. This vision is to provide the residents of Glasgow and beyond, with a bespoke, patient orientated dental practice, who listens to the individual needs and requirements of our patients, and then tailors our service accordingly. By placing the patients needs at the forefront of our service, it is the aim of Watson and Tiwari to provide ‘gentle and caring dental excellence at the heart of everything we do’.

Shiny new smiles

Here at Tiwari Watson Dental Care, we are a dentist in Glasgow who provide a range of services that span across both NHS funded procedures as well as cosmetic dentistry options, such as a comprehensive dental hygienist service. This service helps tackle the number one preventable and most common cause of tooth decay and loss in the UK, namely the build up of plaque, which results from a number of varying factors such as smoking, drinking excessive sugars or just general neglect. At Tiwari Watson Dental Care, we recommend our patients visit our dental hygienist service every six months, to eradicate any signs of damage and help keep your teeth healthy. Our fully qualified and expert dental hygienists, Rebecca Nicholson and Andrea Servant, are on hand to provide a range of treatments, as well as general information and tips to our patients, in order to prevent any further damage in the future. We are one of the only dentists in Glasgow who offer Air Powered Tooth Polishing treatment, which eradicates 100% of the plaque build-up on patient’s teeth, without causing any discomfort to the patient.

Getting everything in line

At Tiwari Watson Dental Care, we also offer a comprehensive range of discrete dental alignment procedures, such as invisible braces and Invisalign. These have grown vastly in popularity over the years — particularly with teenagers and young adults — as they are far less visible than conventional orthodontics and thus allow patients to undertake essential dental realignment without attracting any scrutiny from their peers or colleagues and, in turn, vastly boosting their self confidence and esteem.  15

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