Who we are

Here at Tiwari Watson Dental Care in Glasgow, for the past four years, our chief practitioners Joseph Watson and Raashi Tiwari have been providing a bespoke NHS and private dental service like no other, to the residents of Glasgow and beyond. We provide a range of services that span across general and cosmetic dentistry, and are proud to see our patients’ smiles showing their fullest potential. After taking over the reins from what was the Springfield Dental Centre in 2015, we’ve committed ourselves to providing quality dental care to all ages, as well as increased focus on education and prevention dentists.

Keeping up with the times

One aspect of cosmetic dentistry which we offer is the installation and maintenance of dental implants in Glasgow. Historically, this field of cosmetic dentistry was largely crude and cumbersome, and those who needed treatment would have to settle for either a bridge or a denture. These can often be easily detectable and leave patients suffering from a knocked sense of self-esteem or confidence. Today however, by utilising some of the most innovative and emerging techniques available within the field of restorative dentistry, patients can enjoy stronger and more virtually indistinguishable dental implants in Glasgow than ever before.

Strong as stone

Many of us are afraid of losing our teeth, and the effect that that would have on our outward appearance and self-confidence. However, by enlisting the services of our highly qualified and professional dental restorative specialist here at Tiwari Watson Dental Care, patients can enjoy natural looking, durable and cost-effect replacement teeth with ease. Unlike dentures or crowns, which act solely as a prosthetic cover-up of large gaps in a patient’s mouth, dental implants in Glasgow work by replacing the entire tooth at its foundation. This can help reverse the detrimental effects that are often associated with the loss of teeth, such as resorption of the bone within a patient’s face, which can visibly alter the structure of your face and result in the patient looking older than their years.

Filling in the gaps

The process of installing dental implants in Glasgow from us here at Tiwari Watson, begins with a friendly, no-obligation consultation. This is completely free, and is established to assess the extent of the treatments needed and to fill in our patients on the process and fee structure. Afterwards, provided the patient feels comfortable with the procedure and the practitioner who will be undertaking it, the process will begin. Initially, a small hole is drilled into the root of the patient’s gum, in the space where the missing tooth or teeth would be. Then, a titanium socket is inserted into the hole and given time to heal. Titanium is used due to its unique ability to fuse with human bone tissue, and after a brief period in which it does exactly that, a replica tooth constructed from porcelain or plastic is then inserted into the socket, and thus the gap is bridged with a sturdy, virtually indistinguishable, good-as-new tooth, allowing our patients to once more smile with confidence.

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