We are glad to hear you have chosen Tiwari Watson Dental Care to fit your dental implants in Glasgow.

Our team of dentists will endeavour to ensure that you are well informed and cared for both during the treatment and afterwards. Our duo of implant specialists David Chan and Joseph Watson have performed implant surgery multiple times and will be able to answer any worries or questions you may have about the process.

But what should you expect from the overall procedure of having your dental implants in Glasgow? Are there any areas you are not clear on? If so we can help.

At Tiwari Watson, we have compiled a basic rundown of each step of the implant procedure, so you will have an idea of what to expect.

The initial consultation

Now that you have decided that you want our expert team at Tiwari Watson Dental to fit your dental implants in Glasgow, you will be invited to attend a free initial consultation.

At this no obligation consultation, we will discuss your smile with you, how you want your smile to look after the implants are fitted and will be happy to discuss finance options with you too.

If afterwards you decide to look elsewhere, no problem, but if you want to continue your implant journey with us, you will be invited back to meet with either David Chan or Joseph Watson for the next step.


At this meeting, one of our implant specialists will explore your mouth, assessing the condition of any remaining teeth you may have, your gum line, your jaw and identifying if there are any areas that require treatment prior to the implant fitting.

We will perform X-rays, scans and other tests to ensure you are clinically suitable to have implants

Implant fitting

On the day of the implant fitting, you will be given a local anaesthetic.

Depending on how many implants you are having fitted, our specialists will peel the required area of gum back and gently drill a small hole into your jawbone to support the implants when they are placed.

Once all of the metal screws (implants) have been fitted, our dentists will close the gum and seal it with invisible, dissolvable stitches.

Patience is a virtue at this stage; for our team to be sure that your implants have securely attached to the jaw, it may take up to 2 months before they will be able to fit the prosthesis. It will be worth the wait!

The big day!

If all has gone to plan, once your implants are securely attached to your jaw, it is time to fit your prosthesis, a single tooth, a bridge or a set of dentures to the implants.

This is a painless procedure and your prosthesis has been designed to fit seamlessly into your mouth, providing you with that instant, glowing, gap free smile as you leave our dental surgery.

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