Dry mouth syndrome (medically known as xerostomia) is a condition affecting many patients around the world and is often related to smoking and ageing. However, other factors may contribute to dry mouth and for the best long-term treatment, you need to address the main cause.

At Tiwari Watson Dental Care we can help cure your dry mouth. Simply make an appointment with our dentist in Glasgow. Xerostomia can be physically painful due to the lack of the saliva in the mouth, but we will do our best find the most suitable treatment (or combination of treatments) for you.

What is dry mouth syndrome?

Dry mouth syndrome refers to the lack of saliva in the mouth, which can cause pain and discomfort and make chewing, swallowing and eating difficult to manage. Moreover, xerostomia can cause fungal infections, sore throat, dry nasal passages and an enduring burning sensation.

Xerostomia can be caused by many factors including (but not limited to):

  • certain medications (i.e. diuretics, blood pressure pills, anxiety medications)
  • autoimmune disorders (i.e. rheumatoid arthritis, lupus)
  • diabetes
  • stress
  • old age
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • smoking
  • alcohol
  • and dehydration.

Why is it important to cure xerostomia?

The lack of saliva can be physically painful and as we have already seen can hinder proper oral function. Moreover, saliva is really important for your oral health, since it helps wash away the bacteria gathered at your teeth after eating. Saliva contains many minerals that help keep your teeth strong and disease-free and its lack can lead to increased plaque, cavities and gum disease.

Why your dentist is your ally against dry mouth

Your dentist in Glasgow has the expertise to accurately diagnose xerostomia and cure it. If the cause of your dry mouth is dehydration, drinking a lot of water will restore balance in your mouth. If you suffer from xerostomia because of medications, you may wish to consult your doctor on the possibility of changing the type or dosage of your medication. Addressing underlying health issues that may be related to xerostomia, will also help reduce the symptoms in the long run.

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