Unlike what many people think, pain is a protective response. When we are in pain, we know that something is wrong with our body and we are warned to take care of it. The same applies to dental pain.

At Tiwari Watson Dental Care, we offer a wide range of preventive dental services that promise to alleviate dental pain and help you restore your oral health. Whether you experience a mild toothache or serious pain in your mouth, our dentist in Glasgow will examine your teeth and gums carefully and offer the best treatment possible.

Our teeth hurt for many reasons and below are a few of them:

Sensitivity to temperature

Did you ever experience a sharp or short pain when you had a very hot or cold drink? Chances are that you have sensitive teeth and you should use special products to keep your sensitivity at bay. However, sensitivity to heat and cold can also indicate tooth decay, a loose filling or an exposed root. In any case, the best thing to do is to keep dental plaque at bay and visit your trusted dentist in Glasgow for regular check-ups and cleanings.

Sharp pain when chewing

If you experience sharp dental pain while chewing, a few things may have gone wrong. The culprit may be dental decay, a loose filling or even a cracked or avulsed tooth. Loose fillings can be replaced by our dentist in Glasgow, however, cracked teeth should be addressed by a specialist such as Dr Joseph Watson or Dr David Chan, who specialise in tooth loss and dental implants.

Pressure on the upper arch

Pain and pressure on the upper arch of your teeth are usually sinus-related. Your upper back teeth share the same nerves with your sinus cavity and as a result, any sinus-related pain is projected to the teeth. This type of pain is not serious, but you should have it checked by your dentist in Glasgow.

Severe, continuous toothache

If your dental pain is constant, then you probably have an acute infection and it’s really important to treat it as soon as possible before it can lead to an abscess and further infection.

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