We all know that you get your oral health check-ups at the dentist in Glasgow. Maybe you also know that you can get something like teeth whitening at your local practice as well. So, is there anything that can surprise you that might be on offer at Tiwari Watson Dental Care? We think that there might be at least one or two things when you browse our range of services.

We are constantly improving our treatments and extending our skills because we are passionate about patient care. At Tiwari Watson Dental Care, we keep on top of the latest developments as well as tracking trends in patient demand so that, when you are one of our patients, you can be sure you are taking advantage of the developments and exciting possibilities that are available. We talk about some of these below.

Sedation options

‘What’s exciting about sedation?’ we hear you ask. Well, if you are a nervous patient, nothing could be more interesting because sedation options mean realising the possibility of having a relaxing time at the dentist regardless of what treatment is required.

Facial rejuvenation

Gentle wrinkle treatments like Botox can go a long way towards enhancing your look. We offer this treatment at the dentist in Glasgow, Tiwari Watson Dental Care, because we know about the aesthetics of the face and how to balance them. We can even offer this alongside dental work to give your appearance a full makeover.


Veneers are potentially one of the lesser known cosmetic dental treatments but one that can be highly effective for restoring the appearance of your smile. They are an extremely versatile piece of dentistry that can cover chips and cracks, close gaps and cover stubborn stains that do not respond to whitening. You can cover a single tooth and have the colour of the veneer closely matched to the rest of your smile or you can have several veneers to give your teeth a uniform appearance.

To explore the possibilities of dental treatment in Glasgow at our clinic, get in touch with a member of our team today. Whether you have specific ideas about what you want, or you are looking for general guidance, we can help.

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