Thanks to many comedy sketches and the odd smattering of horror films, we have a rather outdated, archaic idea of what going to the dentist looks like. It often involves screams coming from behind locked doors and patients in the waiting room turning green. Modern dentistry, however, is far less about pain, and more about innovative technology and advances in techniques to enhance and restore smiles. You can straighten teeth quickly with removable, discreet braces or even replace missing teeth, including their roots with dental implants. It might not be your traditional beauty therapy, but your dentist in Glasgow can protect, shape, alter, enhance and even restore lost teeth. So it might not be a treat, but it could be a life-long beauty investment.

Back to basics

At Tiwari Watson Dental Care we encourage, before anything else, starting with preventive dentistry. Regular hygiene appointments ensure any indicators of gum infection or signs of decay are spotted early and can be treated quickly. In addition, seeing us every 6 months helps us build a good patient profile, understanding your needs and that of your oral health. We can then discuss with you what additional procedures may work for you, including some of our cosmetic options that would remove staining or even cover it altogether.

Dental Implants

Although it would be a stretch to see having minor dental surgery as a treat, if you look at the benefits – the effect of your dentist in Glasgow restoring your missing teeth to look and function as your natural teeth –  it may feel like a total makeover. Our dentists Joseph Watson and David Chan both have a special interest in implantology. They bring a wealth of experience and skill to your implant procedure, ensuring once you’re in their care, you can look forwards to a new smile with little discomfort.

Invisible braces; fixed and removable

Innovation in dentistry can also be seen in brace technology. As your dentist in Glasgow we can now offer you braces that target specific, problematic front teeth for quick results, straighten teeth using clean plastic aligners or provide you with a full brace that hides in plain sight thanks to tooth-coloured wires and clear plastic brackets.

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