Prevention is the best method of treatment

At Tiwari Watson Dental Care, since 2015, we’ve been committed to providing the residents of Glasgow and beyond, with a patient orientated, tailored dental service like no other. Housed in the once Springfield Dental Centre for over four years, our chief dental practitioners, Rasshi Tiwari and Joseph Watson, have worked tirelessly within the local community, providing residents with both NHS funded dental services, as well as private cosmetic dentistry treatments. It is our belief that prevention is the best method of dental treatment, and that the education of the young is one of the strongest and most effective ways of achieving this. As such, we are proud supporters of the  ‘Childsmile’ prevention dentistry scheme in Glasgow, which aims to educate youngsters on the importance of proper dental hygiene and halt any signs of damage before they manifest into something more serious.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Implants have existed in some rudimentary form or other for over ten thousand years. However, throughout the ages, the methodologies and materials used have greatly developed alongside innovative and emerging sciences. When at one time, patients who lost a tooth or teeth would have to settle for a crown or bridge as a prosthetic replacement, today,  patients seeking dental implants in Glasgow can enjoy a lifelike replica replacement tooth which is stronger and more comfortable than ever. This has come to be through decades of design ingenuity, and the introduction of materials such as titanium, which is utilised for its unique ability to fuse with the bone within human tissue and result in a solid bedrock on which to place the replica tooth.

Filling in the spaces

The process of receiving dental implants in Glasgow from our highly trained and professional cosmetic dental practitioners initially begins with a no-obligation, cost free consultation. Here, patients can discuss the implant process with our friendly and approachable staff, and we can assess the extent of treatment necessary, as well as advise on the cost and timescale you can expect. Only after our patient has familiarised themselves with the process of undertaking dental implants in Glasgow, and they feel comfortable enough to continue, will the actual procedure takes place.

The implant process begins with a small surgical procedure, in which a hole is drilled into the gum of the patient, within the space where their missing tooth or teeth would be. Then, a titanium socket is inserted into the hole and left to fuse with the patient’s jaw bone. After a brief healing period, a replica replacement tooth is then fixed within the socket and thus the gap is bridged with a good-as-new, lifelike and sturdy replacement tooth.

Getting to the root of the issue

One of the main reasons patients may seek to opt for dental implants in Glasgow, over conventional dentures or bridges, is that, unlike dentures — which purely act as a prosthetic solution to missing teeth — implants address the problem at its root, by replacing the very foundations of the tooth. This can help halt the outward appearance of the patient’s face being altered by bone resorption, which can result in them appearing older than they are.

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