When dental health problems escalate they can be extremely painful and costly to treat – these are problems that are best prevented with timely dental care. Check-up appointments at the dentist in Glasgow is the best way to keep on top of one’s dental health as one of our highly experienced dental practitioners can implement preventive measures should worrying symptoms raise their heads. Dr Kamal Madhok (Dentist) and Dr Laura Grant (Dentist) have provided quality dental care at Tiwari Watson Dental Care for many years.

Patients both young and old can derive great benefit from preventive dentistry as supervised by a professional dentist in Glasgow. Poor dental health increases the risk of undesirable conditions such as cavities, gum infections and diseases, tooth decay and enamel loss.

Visits to the dentist in Glasgow at regular intervals can benefit patient health in unexpected ways. This may be new information to some patients, but dental professionals have long known that dental health is closely associated with overall physical health, and to some extent, psychological health too. Certain untreated dental concerns can aggravate the complications of a varied range of medical conditions (coronary heart disease, osteoporosis and diabetes to name a few).

In regards to how psychological health can be adversely affected, this can be easily seen when a patient loses their self-confidence when a tooth or multiple teeth are missing and they become too embarrassed to smile or engage with others.

Services patients can receive at the dentist

In-home oral hygiene practices that include regular brushing and flossing are only the first line of defence in preventive dentistry. This is a great place to start in taking care of one’s oral health, but it will not stand on its own for total long-term dental health. To achieve this aim, the role of a professional dental practitioner is indispensable. We take a look at some of the treatments and procedures that a patient can receive at a dental clinic.

● Dental screenings and exams

Symptoms that suggest that there may be a problem with gum health or cavities that are beginning to form can be too subtle for a patient to distinguish on their own. A patient may also not be able to detect signs of oral cancers. A dentist has been trained and has the capabilities to read the signs of poor oral health thanks to their knowledge and professional training. Dental x-rays are an incredible dental tool that provides a dentist with a deeper insight into the condition of the patient’s teeth, gum and bone health.

● Professional dental cleanings

Once plaque and tartar have formed on the surface layer of teeth, they are highly resistant to all brushing efforts a patient may take and will eventually lead to the formation of cavities. The trick is to avoid the tartar and plaque in the first place and this is best achieved by having scheduled deep cleaning procedures in-clinic.

● Fluoride treatments

One of the recommended ways to strengthen the enamel of teeth is through fluoride treatments. Fluoride has been found to be effective in protecting teeth from the destructive effects of sugar exposure, plaque and bacteria.
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