Tooth loss is as old as mankind, and over the centuries, people found creative ways to replace their missing teeth. However, 3 methods have prevailed in modern dentistry – dentures, bridges and dental implants. All these methods have their pros and cons and are used by dentists around the world to effectively replace single or multiple missing teeth. But are dental implants more effective than bridges and dentures?

At Tiwari Watson Dental Care, we have a dedicated team of implant dentists: Dr Joseph Watson and Dr David Chan. Our experienced dentists are highly-trained in all aspects of implant dentistry and can provide personalised solutions based on your individual needs. Dental implants in Glasgow are ideal for patients of all ages with adequate bone mass and good oral and overall health.

How are dental implants different?

A major difference between dental implants and other tooth restoration methods is that the former actually fuse with the jawbone, creating artificial foundations for replacement teeth. In short, dental implants resume the role of missing tooth roots. Bridges and dentures, on the other hand, are simply attached on the top of the gums and do not interact with the bone tissue. This can lead to gum atrophy and bone shrinkage in the long term. Moreover, bridges need to be attached to adjacent teeth in order to remain in place and this process involves the destruction of healthy tooth enamel. Dental implants in Glasgow do not require any such preparation to hold your new replacement teeth in place.

Aesthetics and functionality combined

If you are worried about aesthetics, dental implants will look more natural than any other tooth replacement options. Replacement teeth, which are mounted on top of the dental implants, are made of high-quality materials such as porcelain, which has the ability to reflect natural light the same way natural teeth do. Moreover, dental implants are more functional than dentures because they cannot become loose. They are longer lasting than bridges because they do not need to be replaced every so often and are more difficult to break.

Are dental implants in Glasgow for you?

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