Pressures from work, home and lifestyle can mean we have little time to look after ourselves. Sometimes, it pays to allow others to do this for you. When we think of treats or support, our minds do not naturally wander to dental treatments. However, since a great smile speaks volumes, shouldn’t it be on our list of priorities? In this busy Scottish city, finding the right dentist in Glasgow could be your next health treat.

At Tiwari Watson Dental Care, we offer a choice of NHS and private dental treatments. Whether you are coming for a 6-monthly hygienist appointment or looking to improve the look of your teeth, our dentists can provide routine dentistry, preventive dentistry through to implantology with Joseph Watson and David Chan, and cosmetic treatments.

Regular check-ups ensure prevention

As your dentist in Glasgow, we recommend coming to see us regularly for your oral health checks. Locating and resolving issues early can often prevent infections developing into more serious problems that require costly treatments. For example, gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss requiring expensive dental treatment to manage the disease and replace missing teeth. It often starts as gum inflammation that can be spotted and treated easily with one trip to the hygienist. During your hygiene appointment, one of our dedicated dental therapists will thoroughly examine your mouth and neck and then deep clean your teeth, removing stubborn tartar build up. They will then discuss any treatment needs with you and can provide you with information about our other services, such as cosmetic dentistry.

Creating a smile you’ll be proud of

If you have a cracked, chipped or stained tooth or teeth you may well be looking at treatments that can improve the aesthetic of your teeth. Teeth whitening is one option for stained teeth and can be conducted at the dentist in Glasgow, ensuring your comfort and good results. However, if your teeth are heavily stained or they do have chips or cracks, veneers maybe the treatment for you. These thin porcelain sheaths are bonded to your teeth, improving the look and strength of your teeth.

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