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Teeth whitening products that can be purchased over-the-counter have limited capabilities to how well they are able to brighten teeth. While they may be the cheaper alternative when compared to professional teeth whitening, patients run the risk of not attaining the brightening effect that they are after. Tiwari Watson Dental Care has a dentist in…


When dental health problems escalate they can be extremely painful and costly to treat – these are problems that are best prevented with timely dental care. Check-up appointments at the dentist in Glasgow is the best way to keep on top of one’s dental health as one of our highly experienced dental practitioners can implement…


If you’re thinking about getting dental implants in Glasgow, here at Tiwari Watson Dental Care we offer strong, natural-looking teeth replacements that can brighten up your smile and boost your confidence. Our team has a wealth of experience, and a team that is committed to delivering quality dental care. We offer a free initial consultation…


At our Tiwari Watson dentist in Glasgow, we understand that choosing the right dental clinic can be hard. Our family run dental clinic was initially founded in 2015, and we have been serving patients with high quality dentistry ever since. We deliver the same level of professionalism to our private patients, and those who are…


Our clinic in Scotland is a family run dental clinic, with a desire to deliver high quality dentistry. Our clinic was founded in 2015 by Joe and Raashi Tiwari, both of whom have a passion for delivering excellent patient care, and administering high quality treatments. Our clinic strives to adopt a caring and gentle dental…


Many patients (especially those who suffer from dental anxiety) may feel more comfortable knowing what to expect from a visit to our Tiwari Watson Dental Care clinic. Every six months patients should receive an overall assessment of the oral area at our dentist in Glasgow including a general inspection of the gums, and cheeks. Patients…


At our dentist in Glasgow we believe we offer a unique dental care approach, due to our family run dental clinic. At our Tiwari Watson Dental Care practice (also previously known and therefore referred to as Springfield Dental Clinic) we are a family run practice, consisting of a husband and wife team,  Dr.Joe Watson, and…


Many individuals may not realise the importance of attending their regular dental health check-up, we recommend patients come to see us twice a year. At our dentist In Glasgow Tiwari Watson Dental Care, we ensure our patients can book appointments directly via our telephone number located on our website. It is important for patients to…

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