At our dentist in Glasgow we believe we offer a unique dental care approach, due to our family run dental clinic. At our Tiwari Watson Dental Care practice (also previously known and therefore referred to as Springfield Dental Clinic) we are a family run practice, consisting of a husband and wife team,  Dr.Joe Watson, and…


Many individuals may not realise the importance of attending their regular dental health check-up, we recommend patients come to see us twice a year. At our dentist In Glasgow Tiwari Watson Dental Care, we ensure our patients can book appointments directly via our telephone number located on our website. It is important for patients to…


Dental implants in Glasgow are a form of restorative dentistry that aims to replace or restore the tooth’s root, and crown. Individuals who may decide to have dental implants may be missing one or even several teeth within the mouth. Dental implants consist of three aspects, one of which being the implant base. The base…

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