When someone mentions braces you might immediately assume that the topic is going to be about a child being fitted for them, but did you know that a brace later in life can have quite a lot of benefits? As we get older our teeth naturally shift and move, this can then lead to crooked…

Dental Implants in Glasgow

As we get older our teeth can take quite the toll from our diet, the way we brush and just through general wear and tear that can accumulate over time. This slow march of damage can be quite devastating if it’s left unchecked, but there are ways in which we can save your smile. One…

Dentist in Glasgow

Going to the dentist is pretty normal for most of us, we get up, get dressed, go in, have our teeth checked out or undergo a procedure, then we go back home. It’s routine, ordinary and nothing too stressful. But, for a lot of people this ordinary sounding excursion outside can be a nightmare of…

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